• Building Data Culture within Non-profits

    This blog post is written by Swapneel from Goalkeep I had the privilege of attending the Glific + Avni Sprint this week at the beautiful Garudmaachi Training Center near Pune and had the daunting task of kicking off the week with the first session. With more than twelve non-profits and four technology partners in attendance,… read more

  • What I loved about the GarudMaachi Sprint

    This being my second time participating in the Tech4Dev 2.0 sprint (following the one in Gurgaon), I thought I had a fair idea of what to expect. With a wide smile plastered to my face, I’m happy to write that this one exceeded my expectations, and to put it in a few words – I… read more

  • Education Cohort: A lesson in mindfulness

    This blog post is written by Kalindi from Key Education Foundation This piece comes from a beautiful setting in the Sahyadri Mountains, an outdoor retreat location called Garud Maachi, about 80 km away from Pune, Maharashtra. I am here with my colleague — Sheetal, representing our organization Key Education Foundation in the first sprint of the Glific Education Cohort for… read more

  • Education Cohort Day 3: The Gift of Learning

    This blog post is written by Shriya from Slam Out Loud It’s Day 3 at the Glific sprint and it is another day of thundering rains! But just like this rain has cut through the hills to form beautiful waterfalls, we have imbibed its spirit to learn and grow through it all.   The day started… read more

  • Education Cohort Day 2

    This blog is written by Sheetal from Key Education FoundationEarly Tuesday morning, we woke up to the sound of rain and to the likeliness of a canceled trek. Thanks to Amit and Subash, our guides who didn’t bail on us, we got ready and set out at 7:30 am geared with our ponchos and umbrellas. … read more

  • Education Cohort Day 1

    This blog post is written by Tejas from Reap Benefit Day 1 at the Tech4Dev sprint. We are at a beautiful location off Pune called Garudmaachi and we are a mix of some amazing organizations like Lend a Hand India, Slam Out Loud, Dasra, Shelter Associates, Soft Corner, GOALKEEP, Indus Action, EdZola, Pehley Akshar Foundation,… read more

  • Tech4Dev 2.0 sprints are off the starting block – Welcome to GarudMaachi

    From a developer perspective, logistics and event coordination is a bear and quite painful. Luckily for Tech4Dev, we have Arun Kadekodi from Soft Corner, who loves organizing events. He also knows the best places to organize a sprint in the Mumbai – Pune area, and he does not disappoint. The location of this sprint at… read more

  • Tech4Dev 2.0: Avni – Glific Sprint

    Originally posted by Avni in their LinkedIn post We are back with the sprints and this time it’s a 5 day offsite sprint at a beautiful location off Pune called Garudmaachi with Avni and Glific The day started with a nature walk and getting to know other sprinters.The sprint has participants joining from some amazing… read more

  • Tech4Dev 2.0 – Update on our Pilot Initiatives, Fundraising and Operations

    Seems like I write most of my blog posts and updates on flights to India. Writing this one as I’m headed to India for our 4-week summer trip: a combination of family time and work during the second half of the trip. Hope to do a visit with at least one NGO and spend a… read more

  • Women in Tech, a Progress Report

    Just under five months ago, we launched the Women in Tech program in conjunction with our partners Colored Cow and Hyperverge Academy. Our goals were to mentor the young women in real-world software technologies and power skills such as communication, critical thinking, problem solving etc. and make well-rounded employees ready for real world internships and… read more

  • The Fractional CTO Pilot – by Vinod Rajasekaran

    A brief update on our recently launched Fractional CTO pilot project with a NGO working in the women and children’s health space, out of Mumbai. As a recap of the last few months, we embarked on the Fractional CTO pilots as part of Tech4Dev 2.0 as we found during Tech4Dev 1.0 that NGOs lacked in-house… read more

  • Tech4Dev 2.0 – Learning from 1.0, Thinking Big and Aiming High

    As with all things within Tech4Dev we attempt to document and publish everything that we do, our process, our thinking and sometimes the nitty gritty technical details. In that sense, this blog is way overdue, since we started the process a few months back but did not document or publish our journey. I’ll try and… read more

  • Tech4Dev Project Report #13 – Apr 2022

    Tech4Dev Mission Building the Open-Source Technology Ecosystem for the Social Sector. More information: Tech4Dev 2.0 Concept Note,  Tech4Dev 2 Pager, Tech4Dev Info Deck Summary & Highlights Q1 2022 – The world continues its roller coaster ride with the pandemic, and it seems like the pandemic is slowing down as we swing back to normalcy at… read more

  • Glific Sprint with Alohomora

    This blog post is written by Sneha Trivedi. She is a development enthusiast and an educationalist. Currently, she leads the After School Support vertical at Alohomora Education Foundation. She is an avid learner and is currently pursuing executive education from the University of Pennsylvania on Social Impact Strategy.Alohomora empowers young people from underserved communities to… read more

  • Education Cohort to increase engagement through Whatsapp Chatbot

    Happy to announce that we at Glific have partnered with CISCO and The Agency Fund to launch a year-long program – beginning May 2022 – for our NGO partners working in the Education space. Our whatsapp based chatbot, Glific, has helped several NGOs engage more meaningfully with their beneficiaries and at scale. We are inviting… read more