• Fractional CxO Program from Tech4Dev – For your technology strategy, data and technology needs.

    Tech4Dev runs a technology, data and tech strategy assistance program called the Fractional CxO program. This program assists NGOs with a combination of their technology strategy, technology/data needs by placing a seasoned technology professional at the NGO for 3 – 9 months. How it works You fill out a form giving details of your organization’s… read more

  • August 2022 – A monthly Tech4Dev summary, analysis and reflection

    As we grow as an organization, we finally decided to have an official advisory board, to help us think more strategically, challenge some of our assumptions and bring in better governance practices. For the past few months: Erica Arya, Sanjeev Dharap, Arun Kadekodi, Kurund Jalmi and myself (Donald Lobo) have been meeting on a weekly… read more

  • Fractional CxO pilot – Learnings so far, and future directions

    It’s been a bit more than 4 months since we kicked off the Fractional CxO pilot program as part of Tech4Dev 2.0. Vinod and Erica wrote about our experiences with SNEHA Mumbai. As part of learning more about this space we’ve been having multiple conversations with foundations, collaboratives and NGOs. We’ve also been super lucky… read more

  • Data Engineering for Good – Initial thoughts on the data platform

    This post was written by Robert On from The Agency Fund. This is part of an ongoing series of posts as we think, design and build an open source data platform. You can read more about the history of this project in our introductory blog post. Background There are many potential applications of data science… read more

  • Data is the new frontier – How do we go about deciding on a potential new platform?

    Before we get to the gist of this blog post, some background is needed. So we’ll go back in time when we started Glific. We knew that analysis and visualization were an important element, and we wanted to provide it from the very beginning. However, we also were aware that we did not have the… read more

  • Women in Tech- Recalling the Journey from start to the end

    This blog is written by Ruchira Ragavan from HyperVerge Starting the Partnership Since I joined HyperVerge in October of last year, we have undertaken several new initiatives and participated in numerous others. One such initiative began one fine day in February. We were going to partner with Tech4Dev and a company called ColoredCow that was… read more

  • India Summer Trip Report – Reflections & Thoughts – July 2022

    Another blog post from the air as I make my way back to San Francisco from Mumbai. As with all my recent trips, I’m super exhausted and looking forward to recovering and recharging at home. It was great to be in India during the monsoon season, and it was indeed a spectacular monsoon. I think… read more

  • Tech4Dev 2.0 Project Report #1 – July 2022

    Tech4Dev Mission Building the Open-Source Technology Ecosystem for the Social Sector. More information: Tech4Dev 2.0 Concept Note, Tech4Dev 2.0 Pitch Deck Summary & Highlights Q2 2022 – Welcome to the first Tech4Dev 2.0 quarterly report. Starting off the next version of Tech4Dev with a new set of goals and targets, bigger and bolder. Writing this… read more

  • My experience at Tech4Dev Glific + Avni offsite sprint

    Originally posted by Sachin Kadam his LinkedIn post पिछले महीने मुझे  Tech4Dev स्प्रिंट 2022 के बारे में पता चला। उस वक्त मेरी तात्कालिक अपेक्षाएँ सहयोगी कार्य, नेटवर्किंग, सूचना-भरे व्याख्यान और कुछ अच्छा भोजन इससे ज्यादा की तो बिलकुल भी नहीं थी।        स्प्रिंट के कुछ दो हफ़्ते पहले मैंने पहाड़ों और बादलों से घिरे पुणे से… read more

  • 2022 Internship Experience at Glific

    A guest blog by our interns Mallika, Oju and Ryan. This summer Tech4Dev’s very own Sanjeev Dharap took three undergraduates under his wing to introduce them to the ins and outs of the project, Glific. The students: Mallika, Ryan, and Oju share their experience of the first 6 weeks here! What colleges are you from,… read more

  • Meet, work, have fun – The sprint at Garudmaachi

    Originally posted by Vinay Venu in his LinkedIn post I was listening to a podcast from The Seen and the Unseen yesterday where Amit Varma and Nilanjana Roy were having a 4-hour conversation (thanks to Bangalore traffic, I can afford to listen to a 4-hour conversation in just one day’s commute). Nilanjana Roy started with… read more

  • गरुडमाची ~ टेक फॉर डेव्ह स्प्रिंट : एक शैक्षणिक पेहल

    This blog post is written by Rahul from VOPA “जब रास्तों पर चलते चलते मंजिल का ख्याल ना आये तो आप सही रास्ते पर है I” इसी रास्ते पे एक मोड आया वो -गरुडमाची है ! यहा Tech4Dev & Glific team ने बहुत हि खुबसुरत जगह अच्छे लोगो को साथ में लेके समाजके लिये बेहतर… read more

  • Another Amazing Sprint for Glific ecosystem

    After 5 days of being in the picturesque location of GarudMaachi, the time had come to bid adieu to the place and to the lovely people with whom we had engaged in the last few days. I personally returned back with a feeling of accomplishment for the Team and the Product. It is always very… read more

  • Learnings from Tech4Dev Sprint at Garudmaachi

    This blog post is written by Akshay from EdZola It’s been a long since I wrote a blog, but got fascinated by the idea when one of my friends reached out asking if I was participating in the Tech4Dev Sprint by reading Lobo’s article! Small world indeed. The development sector is even smaller! Here’s me decoding… read more

  • Education cohort – Sprint 1

    On Friday 8th July, Glific concluded the first of the four education cohort sprints of the year. Glific’s Education cohort is a year long engagement with NGO partners who work towards improving learning outcomes for students. The program is structured as 4 1-week long offsites, one each quarter, where the Glific team and selected NGO… read more