• Pune Tech4Dev Event Recap

    I attended the Tech4Dev conference with the aim of understanding recent developments in how the social sector is using open source technology and left having more than fulfilled that objective. First, the “unconference” format and especially how it helped strike a good balance between clarity of agenda and freedom to modify it as per public interest,… read more

  • Pune Unconference 2018 Report

    The weekend of November 30th and December 1st, 2018 has been one of the most fulfilling weekends for us at Shelter Associates. We got a chance to showcase, learn and discuss our experiences with technologies with a variety of industry veterans and self-starters at the Tech4Dev Conference organized by the Chintu Gudiya Foundation and Social… read more

  • Pune 2018 Unconference Report

    I recently got the chance to be a part of the first Tech4Dev unconference at Pune from Nov 30-Dec 1. Since I made the switch from corporate to running a non-profit, many a times I’ve felt like a lonely engineer who could not discuss her ‘unique’ engineering problems with her other friends. I was definitely… read more

  • Unconference at Tech4Dev Pune conference

    Recently, I got the chance to attend Tech4Dev conference organized by Social Alpha & Chintu Gudiya Foundation in Pune on 30th Nov and 1st Dec. The event brought together a bunch of passionate techies – from freelancers to women entrepreneurs – bound by a common resolve to crack different societal problems. The unconference format of the conference expedited the… read more

  • Tech4Dev Application Results

    The process was a lot harder than we expected. The decisions a lot more difficult to make. It was really awesome to see and hear from the applicants. The quality and depth of the work people are doing in the sector is strong, deep and very thoughtful. We asked for permission from the organizations below… read more

  • Antarang Foundation: Career Aware System

    The same technology that we often take for granted in our day-to-day lives is, in reality, a key factor in the progression of our societies. New technological advancements are entering the digital world every single day- it all comes down to pinpointing which technology is the most applicable based on your requirements. In November 2017,… read more

  • Tech4Dev Application Update 2

    Happy Diwali! Hope you had a good holiday and a nice break. In the meantime, we’ve been hard at work on reading and responding to the applications in the Tech4Dev Project. Here is the latest status on the Tech4Dev Application Process. A couple of weeks ago, we informed 53 organizations that their application was not… read more

  • Tech4Dev Application Update

    A brief update and next steps on the Project Tech4Dev Application. We just closed the application process earlier this week. We received a total of 81 applications. We sent out our first emails on Sept 20, 2018, and closed the application process on October 21, 2018 (at approx midnight Eastern Standard Time). We allowed one… read more