• Tech4Dev Second Education Sprint: Power of Community and Technology. 

    This blog is written by Aparna Singh, from Suno Sunao Its been a long time since I have written a piece or blog to share my experiences. Being inspired by fellow attendees at the Project Tech4Dev sprint, here I am sharing mine.  Being in the development sector for more than 5 years I have been… read more

  • Education cohort — sprint 2

    This is a second in series of a four part update on our Education cohort. Read the first part here — link Brief intro On Friday 16th September, Glific concluded the second of the four education cohort sprints of the year. Glific’s Education cohort is a year long engagement with NGO partners who work towards improving learning… read more

  • Second education sprint: Learnings from NGOs

    The second education sprint again made me realize the importance of collaboration of various NGOs in the same domain. Glific NGOs discussing their challenges and what we can do better Learnings I am taking with me: Glific is an enabler to many NGOs in their respective programs. There are still many things that Glific can… read more

  • My inaugural Tech4Dev sprint

    This blog is written by Nidhi Goyal, from Tech4Dev Of all the places I had imagined work would take me to, Dehradun was not one of them! But thanks to the terrific team at Tech4Dev I spent a couple of days last week soaking in the greenery in Dun while also being inspired by the… read more

  • When 1+1 is 11 !

    This blog is written by Ankit Saxena, Fractional CxO at Reap Benefit and Indus Action through Tech4Dev I recently joined the Tech4Dev group and got an opportunity to participate in the 5 days long sprint at Dehradun. This was my first opportunity to interact with the rest of the tribe and NGOs. The initial 2… read more

  • Tech4Dev Education Cohort: Beyond Cultures and Beyond Boundaries

    This blog is written by Rahul, from VOPA As a VOPA Team Member, I explore this place from educational eye sight. I went to Dehradun one day early, so it was a good opportunity for me to reach out to maximum places near this Cohort. Mussoorie, the place that I loved ever, It Shows the… read more

  • Tech4Dev Internal Meet and DDP Sprint – Recollections and reflections

    This blog is written by Vinod Rajasekaran, Fractional CxO at SNEHA through Tech4Dev and works on the Data Development Platform Sitting in sweltering, bustling Chennai writing this blog post, the calmness of the forest and camaraderie of the community at the Tech4Dev internal meet and sprint seems a universe away. A lot of firsts for… read more

  • Short and Learning-Packed Sprint at Dehradun

    At the Dehradun Tech4Dev sprint, I had the opportunity again to represent the Women In Tech program along with Arun Kadekodi. We got a chance to introduce the WIT program to many who joined Tech4Dev recently, and reflect on the learnings from the 1st cohort and share updates on the 2nd cohort. The sprint kicked… read more

  • My First Tech4Dev – Glific Sprint Sep 2022

    This blog is written by Vandana, from Bhumi Thoughts before Sprint  – A few weeks back, my founder(Dr. Prahalathan) and I got a mail from Abhishek from Glific about the Sprint happening in September where Tech4Dev communities and different NGOs are attending, and we are also invited to join the same. Initially, I was very… read more

  • Glific Education Cohort – Sprint  Day 2 

    This blog is written by Sheetal Sridhar, from Key Education Foundation Oh the joy of waking up to pitter patter! I can never get tired of the sound of rain, even when it is incessant. I must admit the weather forecast predicting rain throughout the week got me doing a little happy dance before leaving… read more

  • More collaboration through Glific sprints

    Early morning on Sunday, September 11, I and Shamoon left Tehri for the three-hour bike trip to Dehradun for another Tech4Dev sprint. This sprint was in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas in Dehradun from The Sal Woods Forest Retreat & Spa which is amidst serene natural greenery On reaching Dehradun, we met Vivek and… read more

  • Insights and some awesome moments from The Glific Sprint

    This blog is written by Tashi from The Apprentice ProjectA week before the sprint I found myself looking at a spreadsheet with some delight and a good amount of surprise. Why? My name read as an attendee for the Tech4Dev Education Cohort Sprint at Dehradun, at this point I was trying to make sense of… read more

  • Tech4Dev Retreat + Dehradun Sprint ’22 – Reflections and Thoughts

    Writing this blog post with Kurund Jalmi next to me while flying back to Mumbai after a week spent in nature with friends and community. My original plan was to write this blog post on the way to the sprint, but that did not happen. So Kurund and I will summarize some of the things… read more

  • Sprints are Back: Second Education Cohort Day 1 Welcome to Dehradun

    This blog is written by Tejas from Reap BenefitSurrounded by the beautiful foothills of lower Himalayas, the tech4dev sprint is back, this time around camped in Salwoods resort, Dehradun. The education cohort sprint brings together an amalgamation of folks from tech, social impact and the folks juggling both these roles seamlessly. This is where the… read more

  • Fractional CxO – A brief recap on our pilot experiments

    We started experimenting with the Fractional CxO concept approximately 6 months ago. At that time we really did not have this planned, but knew there was something that we should test out with a few NGOs and see what happens. This blog post is also my way of documenting things, so that we remember what… read more