• Tech4Dev 2.0 Project Report #5 – Jul 2023

    Vision: A world with a strong technology ecosystem powering the social sector Mission: Build and support the ecosystem of software, data and design companies, nonprofit partners, and foundations working towards creating social impact globally 2023 – Q2 Summary Q2 2023 saw us evolve as an organisation. We set goals for both our Technical and Executive… read more

  • Dev Data Platform – January Recap

    Here I’m sitting near marine drive writing this blog and thinking about all the conversations I had with NGOs over the last two weeks. I have a lot to talk about regarding what we’re doing with the Data Platform. We had our third sprint with NGOs this year and for me personally, this was different… read more

  • Goalkeep at the Tech4Dev Sprint Jan 2023

    How do we build data culture within nonprofits, and what does that even mean?  … is a question we have been obsessing over at Goalkeep this past year. We’ve figured that one key element of data culture is the ability to put data into the hands of individuals and teams with minimal repetitive effort. But… read more

  • Goa: My First Sprint

    I almost didn’t make it to this sprint, but more on that later. I did make it to Goa and Goa didn’t disappoint. The sprint location was wonderful, the weather was gorgeous and beach shacks were close by for local food and drinks. The cool, crisp mornings and stunning sunsets book-ended the day nicely.  We… read more

  • My First Tech4Dev Sprint

    This blog is written by Ishan Koradia EMPATHY I recently attended my first-ever sprint organized by Tech4Dev in Goa, a place where people from diverse ethnic backgrounds live in harmony and speak their own dialects. Given its pluralist roots, I feel it was the perfect location to bring together all the NGOs. It was very… read more

  • An open-source community / ecosystem being built – Work in Progress!

    It was great attending the quarterly Tech4Dev sprint in Goa. I reached Goa on Sunday, 15th Jan in the afternoon and left on the morning of Wednesday, 18th Jan. The programme was divided into Avni and Glific sprints with some overlap between them. For people of my generation, the Information Technology revolution (which is no… read more

  • Goa Jan Sprint – Recap and Reflections

    Have been in Goa for 8 days now, first for the BMW Responsible Leaders Conference in North Goa, and then for the Tech4Dev sprint in South Goa. I’m hoping that other folks from the OpenBrackets, Development Data Platform and Glific teams will soon post their version of the sprint events. The Avni Project has already… read more

  • Tech4Dev 2.0 Project Report #3 – Jan 2023

    Tech4Dev Mission Build and support the ecosystem of software, data and design companies, nonprofits, and foundations working towards creating social impact globally. More information: Tech4Dev 2.0 Note, Tech4Dev 2.0 Pitch Deck 2022 Recap – Year in Review 2022 – We’ll take a different approach to this report, always good to change things up. While we… read more

  • My journey through building a Data Pipeline + Thoughts on Jaipur Sprint

    NGOs in recent times and especially in a post-COVID context are collecting large amounts of data – operational and beneficiary related that could drive insights across their programs and internal organization. In the past few years, this data comes from multiple sources (Apps, Surveys, Messaging, IVRS). But, lack of technical personnel capacity, cost, and knowledge… read more

  • India Trip Report + Tech4Dev 1st Team Retreat – Jaipur – Dec 2022

    Another India trip, another bout of inspiration, validation, energy and excitement. Trying to condense my thoughts and feelings as I get ready to head back home to spend time with the kids – Maya and PJ, as they come back from college. I just look back at amazement over the past year and see how… read more

  • My 3 months journey

    This blog is written by Ankit Saxena, Fractional CxO at Reap Benefit and Indus Action through Tech4Dev It has been 3 months since I joined the Tech4Dev group. I think it’s a good time to review my journey so far and share my experiences. When I was joining the Tech4Dev group I had detailed conversations… read more

  • Too much data? Want to consolidate your data from different sources? Introducing the Development Data Platform

    At Tech4Dev we’ve started working on the Development Data Platform (DDP). In short, this allows an NGO to aggregate data from multiple data sources into a unified data warehouse. The data here can be analyzed and visualized directly via the platform. Visually, this looks like: If you want more details on the above, more information… read more

  • Lessons from the Fractional CxO program – Arjav Chakravarti & Erica Arya

    We are quite happy with the way our Fractional CxO(x:Tech,Data and Strategy) initiative has been received by the community. We were confident of the need for such a program but post running it for the last 3 months with 3 different NGO partners both sides are actually getting to see first-hand the significant value that… read more

  • Tech4Dev 2.0 Project Report #2 – Oct 2022

    Tech4Dev Mission Building the Open-Source Technology + Data Ecosystem for the Social Sector. More information: Tech4Dev 2.0 Concept Note, Tech4Dev 2.0 Pitch Deck Summary & Highlights Q3 2022 – In the evolution of a startup, there comes a time, when you just get the feeling. The definition and articulation of the problem becomes a lot… read more

  • Tech4Dev Sprint: Supporting tech use for non-profits as a collective

    This blog is written by Sebastian Leidig, from Aam Digital This September, Tech4Dev has invited us, Aam Digital, a few NGOs, and other members of the collective to Dehradun for another one-week “sprint.” There are already a lot of enthusiastic reports and reflections on the blog. I will try to highlight the biggest insights I… read more