Technology professionals for NGOs

The Fractional CxO program helps NGOs meet technology and data needs by providing access to a seasoned tech professional for 3 to 9 months.

This program assists NGOs without in-house technical expertise and those seeking help evaluating technology needs and finding solutions.

How it works


  • Dev Data Platform – January Recap

    Here I’m sitting near marine drive writing this blog and thinking about all the conversations I had with NGOs over the last two weeks. I have a lot to talk about regarding what we’re doing with the Data Platform. We had our third sprint with NGOs this year and for me personally, this was different…

  • Goalkeep at the Tech4Dev Sprint Jan 2023

    How do we build data culture within nonprofits, and what does that even mean?  … is a question we have been obsessing over at Goalkeep this past year. We’ve figured that one key element of data culture is the ability to put data into the hands of individuals and teams with minimal repetitive effort. But…

  • Goa: My First Sprint

    I almost didn’t make it to this sprint, but more on that later. I did make it to Goa and Goa didn’t disappoint. The sprint location was wonderful, the weather was gorgeous and beach shacks were close by for local food and drinks. The cool, crisp mornings and stunning sunsets book-ended the day nicely.  We…