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Hi, I am Kumudini from Maverick Labs, Pune. I am about to complete my one year as a software development Engineer with a bunch of experience on few projects. The journey from an intern to an employee, from started knowing about the frameworks to work on real projects was fantastic. And I am glad that one of the good experiences is with “Glific”. Here I am to share my one-month experience of joining the “Glific” team as a new frontend developer.

I recently finished working on a project and one day Madhuri(Co-founder of Maverick Labs, Pune) came to me saying you have got one new opportunity to work with the team called Glific . You will be joining them with one of your colleagues. I was asked to attend the webinar before we actually talk about the Glific and to get the idea of the same. I was excited and nervous at the same time since the team I would be working with was new for me. The tech stack was different than I used to work on before. And the day came when we all were going to talk about it in a standup meeting call. We introduced ourselves there, had some introductory talks on the project. I was a little bit worried that how can I cope up with this new and comparatively big team I have ever worked with. But the standup meetings were really helpful to get to know the team better. I would like to thank especially Lobo who was always cheerful. One of my seniors in the team helped us to walk through the work already done on Glific. I was amazed to know about such great work by the team. And I am now glad to be a part of this team.

I and Shreesh (my colleague) got one week to get onboarded with the Glific team and learn about the technologies that were being used. Besides that, we learned more about the process of working, most importantly the purpose behind this project, which helped us to go along the flow. I had not worked with Typescript, Apollo GraphQl frameworks before, but google and youtube are always there to help you self studying. We spent few days learning the new tech stack and the flow. Luckily we have Dignesh to help us when needed. Along with that, I started fixing small bugs and that helped me more to get into the project.

After a week we brace ourselves to do new tasks. We got our first issue. Initially, it took time to find the fixes and to get along with the functionalities. It took a little bit more time than usual to accomplish the task. Initially, it took most of the day to dig into the code and try to come up with at least a plan of action to discuss with the team. It was frustrating to keep trying on the same issue but failed to give the final correct solution. But once I started talking to the team about my difficulties I was able to complete my task. With the help of seniors and self-study, I was able to do it. And yay I committed my first task within an assigned day.  It was such a relief. I got the pinch of confidence and was ready to work on another issue. But then I got to know that I am still not done with the given task. There is a procedure for submitting any feature. And testing is an important part of that. I need to do react and cypress testing for the same. In the next week, I felt like I am again back on step one. But this time, I was not so nervous. I started learning about the testing. With the help of youtube tutorials and my senior Dignesh, I was able to do that as well. This is how I got the first fully completed task with the green tick mark on it. 

Now the tasks became more interesting to me rather than scary. And beyond this, working on such an open-source project and witnessing the hard work done by the team to make it more user-friendly is a great experience. It allowed me to explore. Stretching myself beyond my comfort zone helped me to grow with new learnings. Now it’s been a month with this team and I have started enjoying the process of exploring and learning. I am very much thankful to my seniors for helping whenever needed and being supportive. I am happy and proud to be working with such a cheerful team and looking forward to coming up with the new skills to flaunt 😛  

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