SeSTA FMS Project Status

We’ve resumed the SeSTA FMS project after the break of a few months. In the last few weeks, we’ve completed a lot of features and also integrated the CRM platform.

You can find the code at

The project is going well as per the revised timeline.

Here are some of the key features implemented so far:

  1. Manage Roles and Role-based Access Control
  2. Manage various masters
  • Countries
  • States
  • Villages
  • Farmers Producer Organization (FPO)
  • Self Help Groups (SHG)
  • Loan models
  1. Manage Members
  • Create a member (shareholder) who can apply for the loan
  1. Manage Loans
  • Loan application on behalf of shareholders
  • Upload signed loan application copy while approving the loan
  • Track installments and tasks against the loan application
  1. Record Activities
  1. Dashboard for Community Service Provider (CSP) user

Features being developed:

  1. Auto population script for various activity types, Loan EMIs, and Loan tasks
  2. Dashboard for FPO
  3. Dashboard for Sesta Admin
  4. SMS Reminder for EMI
  5. MIS Reports

Here are some of the previous updates on the project:

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