Glific v0.3 takes off …

A new month, a new glific release.  Really like the pace and duration of these sprints, makes the entire team accountable and focussed towards a specific goal with everyone pulling in unison towards it. I’ll let the video do most of the talking and highlight a few things and next steps for the team

We’ve accomplished a lot in the short span of 3 months and as a team, we are incredibly proud and thrilled to see how far we’ve come at this time. A couple of highlights and other tidbits:

  • We have a new logo for the product. Kudos to Sunna, Abhishek, and the team at Colored Cow. Our website will be up later this month.
  • We’ve onboarded two NGOs in the pilot program and getting a fair bit of feedback and insights from them into how to make the product work in the real world and in their day-to-day operations.
  • Focus on automated testing, comprehensive documentation, and API first build philosophy.
  • Functionality to manage tens of staff and thousands of beneficiaries via groups, collections, and flows.
  • Ability to customize flows and track usage of how beneficiaries are interacting with the flows.
  • Improved Search and Tag Management.
  • Support for sending and receiving rich media messages (video, documents, audio)

With that in mind, we are switching gears a bit for v0.4, and rather than a big release, we will focus on all the small things that will make the platform a lot easier to use and deploy. We will focus on testing for scale and make it easy to add both new organizations and new languages. This also gives us a chance to take a step back., look at the bigger picture, polish off a few things we’ve recently added and improve the codebase. So instead of one large release, we’ll come out with improvements on a weekly basis. We are tracking this in our  GitHub project list

In addition to the above, our goal will be to onboard 3 new NGOs in September. If you are interested, please read the Glific FAQs and if your NGO is. good fit, get in touch with us via email.

We’ll also have our monthly webinar to give you a broad overview of what we’ve accomplished so far, showcase an NGO or two using two-way communication effectively, and answer your questions. The webinar is scheduled for: Wednesday, Sept 23 @ 10:00 am IST. You can register for the webinar here

Onwards and Upwards


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