Design to Development Journey –

“Well begun is half done”  – This is very true in case of project execution as well. We, Think201 believe in starting off on a right note to ensure the rest of the project journey is nice & neat.

Currently, we are in the development phase of the Data Collection & Reporting Project which we are doing for (read here). Our previous step, design phase, had a good impact on streamlining thoughts, ideas & finalizing at what we are looking at as an end product. We finished designing screens for all roles which is an interactive link depicting the final product outcome much before the product was built. 

The interface was then shared with the GiveIndia team as well to gather initial feedback & comments from the NGO teams who are our end-users of what we are developing. The early feedback helped in altering a couple of screens in the design phase itself & also gave us an insight that we are headed in the right direction. 

The interface designs became a guiding tool to the GiveIndia team too to design APIs to return the response of what is just needed.

Current Project Progress Updates 

We took a UI (front end development) first approach to develop the screens designed across roles & booted the application. The application now has screens developed & tied together using internal APIs which matches the response structure. We pivoted to this approach so that we can make the best utilization of time & make the whole process efficient. Our team is marching ahead in developing all the screens & also towards building PWA. 

Our constant weekly meetings are helping us to exchange any queries/ updates without any hindrance which has kept the momentum of the project going on. 

What we plan next?

We plan complete frontend development & move towards API binding (which will be coming from GiveIndia team) .We are also looking at Automation testing for the platform which involves UI Automation Testing  & API testing. 

Very soon, we will be making the application live in a staging environment & make it available to others to have a look at it. 

Technology Stack Used

One major pivot which happened was in the choice of frontend technology. We switched to React from AngularJS since other applications that exist (at GiveIndia) are all built on NodeJS & React.

React – For FrontEnd Development 

NodeJS – For Backend ( APIs, provided by GiveIndia) 

SailsJS – For intermediate Post APIs which we will be developing 

Mocha Framework, Protractor – For Automation Testing

Stay tuned to learn more about project progress updates

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