Medha STPC Project Update – student import, feedback flow, CRM platform integration

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This month, we took on module 3 for the project (modules 1 and 2 were completed previously). Module 3 includes –

  • Student import for colleges
  • Feedback for events and activities

Additionally , we also integrated the CRM platform as a plugin into the STPC portal.

Student Import

The student import module lets college admins and the STPC admin bulk import students for the start of an academic year.

Feedback Module

The feedback module allows students to provide feedback to a set of quetions for events and activities after participation. The collated feedback is visible to admins at various organisation levels

CRM Platform Integration

Tech4dev is also currently developing a CRM plugin in order to generalise and have a configurable setup to bootstrap most common CRM scenarios –

We integrated the CRM platform as a Strapi plugin and moved much of the student and college related code to the user and organisation sections of the CRM plugin.

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