Free Tech Consulting for Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Providers

By Jessica Hubley, CEO, AnnieCannons

We’re excited to kick off service provider consultation as an initial step in planning the scope and functionality of the ReferAll platform. We’re first offering Bay Area providers in housing and case management the opportunity to get free technology and process consulting on their existing services model. Here’s how that works:

Our CEO and one of our developers will reserve a half-day with the providers to conduct interviews that help us understand the details of current operational processes like intake and qualification, services delivery, personnel setup, and impact measurement. We’ll look at what technology tools are already being used and whether they are being used efficiently. We’re looking to understand where staff spend the most time and/or energy, or where the organization spends the most money, to scope how the application of technology can help improve processes. Next, we’ll dig deep on reporting requirements for major funders (both digital and analog) to understand the data outputs required of each participating provider.

Providers can host us on-site, or meet with us near their site if their physical location cannot be accessed by visitors.  Either way, we’ll provide a Confidentiality Agreement to give comfort that anything the provider shares – from location to impact measurements – stays confidential.

With this information in hand, we will prepare customized technology recommendations of free or very affordable solutions that can assist staff, or entirely replace the need for staff time to complete critical functions.  We’ll then prepare a written report for the provider of these tools and where to find them, and set up either a video chat or a second brief visit to help install them as well as train key staff on using them. All of this is free to the provider, because Chintu Gudiya Foundation has provided support to cover the costs of this consultation, and it also serves to help us plan for the most effective development plan for our ReferAll platform.

We aim to do this with minimal time commitment from the provider to help them ensure they can continue focusing on their work. We’d schedule: 

  • 60 minute interview with the Executive Director or CEO on intake, criteria, continuum of care services offered at the provider, duration of services, reporting obligations, and technology usage from a management perspective
  • 30 minute interview with the head of Operations (if different) on staff time allocation, staff performance evaluations, and reporting obligations/pain points as well as criteria, capacity and turnover review
  • 30 minute interview with head of fundraising or development on reporting obligations and impact measurements
  • 10 minute lighting session with other each staff member to survey and document how their time is typically spent throughout the day 

Following this session, we’d prepare a custom written report on process improvements available through use of technology solutions to share back with the participating service provider. We will also schedule a 30-45 minute session with the provider’s team (attendees to be selected by the provider) to present our findings and teach you how to install and use the recommended technology tools.

If you are a 501c3 provider of housing or case management services to survivors of human trafficking or gender based violence, and you are interested in free consulting for your organization, please email with the following:

  • The name of your organization, the zip code where you operate (no address required yet) and your public email and phone
  • The basic population demographics you serve (ex: “human trafficking survivors 24 or younger”)
  • The name, email, and phone, of your ED or CEO
  • The name and contact information of the team member you’d like to have handle scheduling, if not your ED or CEO
  • Optional: a summary of your biggest technology pain point

We’ll offer the first seven organizations that meet the basic criteria (providing housing and/or case management to trafficking and/or gender-based violence survivors) this free consulting. If you provide other services to survivors and have interest in free consulting, please still let us know, and we will add you to the list when we begin consulting and interviews for those service areas.

We hope you’ll let AnnieCannons know at if you’d like help!

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