Toybank Project Update

As mentioned in the previous blog post we have been evaluating and here are some of the findings and challenges with the same.


Odoo is an all-in-one business software including CRM, website/e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse – and project management, and inventory. The Community version is the open-source version, while the Enterprise version supplements the Community edition with proprietary features and services

  • Accounting
  • CRM
  • Customer Support
  • E-Commerce
  • Inventory Management
  • Leave Management
  • Marketing
  • Point of Sale
  • Project Management
  • Reporting
  • Sales Management
  • Timesheets
  • Website Edition
Modules evaluated for Toybank

Odoo Inventory Management

Inventory module is typical warehouse management which includes features such as Inventory Adjustment, Packing, Stock Transfers, Incoming Shipments, Lots and Serial Numbers.

Sales Management

This module handles the sales management process. It helps to create product quotations for customers and then convert quotations into a sales order. Also, manage invoicing & reports for the sales orders.


Request for Purchases order Quotations, control supplier bills, and product received, Multiple vendor management, manage Purchase Tenders.  


  • Manage multiple sales teams 
  • Creates Opportunities
  • Generate leads and Manage leads
  • Reporting and analyze the performance
Toybank implementation

After understanding the requirements, we have implemented the following functionality:

  • Adding toys into inventory i.e creating products and classification of a product on the bases of category and updating quantity of product.
  • Play centers are created as an organization
  • Request for toys by creating sales quotations for an organization
  • Toys are assigned as an order against a particular organization
  • Program officers/ Admin staff can create quotation and once approved by Inventory manager it is recorded against the organization
  • Program officer can scrap the products in a particular order
Current Roadblocks
  • The system is not very user-friendly
  • Limited UI configuration for customizing look and feel
  • REST API modules do not work as expected
  • Toybank’s inventory flow adding/issuing does not directly match with Odoo flow
  • Some issues with custom module development
    • Limited scope to modify existing UI
    • Unable to use existing product category options while creating a new custom field
    • Unable to add custom text/links in views
    • Issues with overriding the save action

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